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Advokatfirman Nordh was founded in 1986 and is today a corporate law firm specialised in Risk & Compliance, Enhanced Due Diligence and Investigations. Our team consists of lawyers, security specialists and scientific experts. Most of our lawyers and security specialists have a background within law enforcement. We take pride in providing our clients with sound and comprehensible legal advise.


As members of the Swedish Bar Association, our work is protected by a client-attorney privilege. Read more about the Swedish Bar Association here (opens in new window)


We are located in Stockholm, Sweden.





Our areas of expertise:


Risk & Compliance

Risk & Compliance

Avoid security breaches and regulatory risks through our Risk&Compliance programs. Each programme is adapted to suit the specific needs for your organisation.

Enhanced Due Diligence

 Enhanced Due Diligence

Successful mergers and acquisitions rely on reducing unnecessary risks for byers, vendors and investors. Our Enhanced Due Diligence offers a detailed view of security and compliance risks, reducing the risk of unwanted surprises.



Organisations afflicted by crime, regulatory breaches and other unwanted occurrences should swiftly initiate investigative measures to prevent risks of further loss. However, sometimes it is better not to involve the authorities due to legal or business reasons. Our investigational offer reaches from the initial analysis of legal and business aspects, to the investigation itself and the following legal proceedings.

General Legal Advice

We also provide legal advice in the fields of EU law, damages, family law, litigation, public defence and general corporate law

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